Rider Alerts

Below is a listing of Metro's current Rider Alerts, which include passenger information such as detours, winter weather alerts, holiday closures, and other route-related information. 
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  1. Andalusia Rd Detour

    Starting tomorrow, Mon Oct. 3, the Rt 70 will use Knoxville Rd, Milan Beltway, and US67 to bypass the closed portion of Andalusia Rd. The AM Rt 40's will be unable to DR into XPAC the first few trips and will drop riders on US67 and Andalusia Rd.

  2. 5th Avenue & 24th Street Moline Detour (Route 30)

    Due to construction on 5th Avenue between 23rd & 24th Streets in Moline, the Route 30's will need to detour using 6th Avenue outbound from Centre to 25th Street and 4th Avenue inbound to Centre Station from 25th Street.

  3. Channel Cat Service Reduced Eff.9/30/22

    Due to the sun setting earlier, the Channel Cat will now end at 6:15PM, the final trip leaving Riverbend Commons at 5:00PM. To view a schedule, please visit our website, Facebook page (@qcchannelcat) or call Customer Service at 309-788-3360.

  4. 16th St & 5th Ave Moline Detour (Route 20 & 59)

    Due to construction on 16th Street between 5th & 6th Avenue in Downtown Moline, the Route 20's & 59's will be on detour using 15th Street. Please call Metro with questions at 309-788-3360.

  5. Target/Kohl's Detour (Route 53, 60, & 70)

    Due to construction in front of Target/Kohl's, our Route 53, 60's & 70's will be using the outer drive. Please call Metro with questions at 309-788-3360.

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